What’s New in Verisurf 2022

In addition to the new capabilities illustrated, Verisurf 2022 includes many refinements to existing features.  Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use – Verisurf 2022 is another new release driven by our customers, partners and professionals facing new measurement challenges in the real world.

Auto CMM Path Generation

• Efficient inspection plan creation
• Consistent measurement strategies
• Supports all CMM probing systems including tactile scanning

Another software feature for speeding up part programming. Simply click on a set of features such as holes or bolt pattern using the Auto Holes tool, or preselect multiple feature types from CAD and the path will be created automatically. The feature generates the path without any extra steps yet still gives you the freedom to customize the path to your needs.

Once you start using this feature you will be programming parts faster and easier with an optimized path for top productivity.

Find and Select in Graphics

• Streamline inspection plan navigation
• Search textually and select graphically
• Supports all measuring devices

Interaction between the text Operations Manager and the CAD graphics display of the part and the program has been enhanced to make finding, understanding, and editing your measurement plan easier. Complex parts with lots of features can be daunting, but this enhancement will make it all go smoother.

It embraces how the human mind works and gives you the comfort of knowing you have a well-defined plan for the most efficient workflow.

Collision Detection for CNC CMMs

• Real-time collision detection
• Graphical, interactive collision prevention
• Supports 3-axis and 5-axis probing systems

Find, fix and avoid potential collisions between the head and probe assembly and the part or fixtures etc. within your probing path. The Collision Detection feature lights up in real-time, with alerts in the graphical simulation of the probe shaft and head, and enhanced by feature buttons that illuminate to make sure you see the issue and correct it.

Complimenting this is another feature that lets you easily tweak the path with a custom go-to move that avoids the crash and keeps your path efficient and trouble-free.

Feature Extraction Zone Display

• Graphical extraction zone display
• Interactive zone editing
• Improves extraction accuracy

This element of Feature Extraction gives the user an intuitive, graphical aid with real-time visibility for adjusting the extraction zone to help dial it in. From scanned or probed data the extraction zone will automatically employ the set region within your inspection plans and individual measurements.

This new feature takes what could be complicated and makes it easy to visualize and control to your liking.

Pre-Selection for Group Align and CAD Extraction

• Pre-filter data using CAD entities
• Enables multi-step alignment and extraction
• Automates cross section analysis

The ability to pre-select CAD entities for a group of features gives improved control of the alignment especially when using non-contact scanned data. This capability can be incorporated into an automated inspection plan that is then available for quick inspection of a series of parts.

Pre selecting CAD entities and setting the zone for data inclusion enhances control for cross section and waviness analysis, bringing those software features to their optimum performance and accuracy.

Verisurf 2022 Compatibility

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