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Verisurf Automates SLS Rocket Panel Inspection

Watch the Video   AMRO Fabricating chooses Verisurf software to automate the production inspection of NASA SLS rocket panels.In space flight the first eight minutes are critical; this is when the greatest opposing forces of thrust and gravity are impacting the launch vehicle.  The new NASA Space Launch System (SLS) will weigh 5.5 million pounds at liftoff, or roughly the weight of eight fully loaded 747 jets.   Everything comes down to weight and the integrity of design and fabrication to insure success.  Today, it costs $10,000 to send one pound of payload into orbit; since the entire launch vehicle makes the tripe to low earth orbit its net weig...

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Verisurf Software and FARO Laser Tracker Reduce MRO Time

“The FARO Laser Tracker with Verisurf software ability to provide real-time measurements directly against the CAD data enables engineers to instantly visualize deviations from the nominal. The Tracker has dramatically reduced the time required to certify large parts, tooling and machinery while also resulting in substantial quality improvements.”For almost 20 years, Marianna Airmotive Corporation (MAC) has been repairing and overhauling structural components for the Air Force’s largest aircraft, the C5 Galaxy. As typical for most repair facilities, Marianna does not have access to the aircraft itself so it must build and certify fixtures that it can use ...

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Quality Control for Big Fabricators

For some people thinking big is not so easy.  Which is why in business you often hear the statement, “Think Big  Think outside the box!” On the other hand, some people find thinking big, not only easy, but necessary.  Which is exactly the case at Irvine, CA’s Coast Composites, Inc., a large aerospace fabricator dedicated to producing large precision molds and tooling used by aircraft and other manufacturers for production of composite components. “At Coast Composites we have to think big,” says Steve Anthony, company IT manager. “Some of the high-precision tooling we produce for customers is really huge. One example of a large ...

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