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Portable Coordinate Metrology for Large Cast Part Machining

Machining large parts, especially castings, is not for everyone.  The generalization ‘parts are parts’ does not apply in this case.  To be proficient requires commitment to constant process improvement, equipment evaluation and investment.  And to top it off, mistakes are very expensive. There are unique challenges associated with machining large parts, today.  Customers are demanding ever tighter tolerances, parts are large, heavy and quite often castings.  Increasing quality and efficiency is a tall order – how can you do both?  TCI Precision Metals approached  the challenge by analyzing variables of the machining process th...

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Keeping The F-18 Flying

How the NavAir Advanced Measurement Systems and Reverse Engineering Lab Keeps F-18's FlyingCalled the birth place of naval aviation, the United States Naval Base at Coronado Island, San Diego, CA (NBC) provides a shore-based platform for 16 helicopter squadrons, 2 fixed wing squadrons, two aircraft carriers, four SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) Teams, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command squadrons, and other air, surface and subsurface commands. The huge base is also home to the Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW), which overhauls, repairs, and modifies Navy and Marine Corps front line tactical, logistical, and rotary-wing aircraft and their components. FRCSW airc...

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Portable CMMs Go to Inspection Source

Quality Magazine cover story, November 2010 Discover how rapid shop floor inspection makes quick work of Quality. By Ron Branch  For the machine shop that supplies the aerospace industry, portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) and model based definition (MBD) are everyday terms that are integral parts of its daily inspection routines. In the effort to drive quality and control processes, aerospace OEMs have altered the inspection methodology and the tools of their entire supply chain. Many of these suppliers are small- or mid-sized machine shops that have invested in inspection hardware, software and processes to satisfy strict quality s...

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