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Coordinate Metrology Certificate Program Approved by State of California

Cerritos College, Cerritos, CA, has been recognized as the first community college in California to offer a “Coordinate Metrology” certificate of achievement approved by the Chancellor’s office.The program was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the teaching staff and donations of product and curriculum support from Verisurf Software and its industry partners, Faro Technologies and API. The program is significant in that it closes the loop for students in the concept of model-based manufacturing, including design, reverse engineering, manufacturing, quality inspection and reporting.The Coordinate Metrology program is a crowning achievem...

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IMTS SPECIAL | Complete Education Suite

Are you a CAD/ CAM Instuctor?Bring your school one step closer to supplying the manufacturing industry with employees skilled for the Model-Based Enterprise. Special Education Pricing!Mention 'CMM Programming Suite' in comments The Verisurf Education Suite has been developed specifically for educational institutions, it expands and compliments all current CAD/CAM education programs by adding Computer Aided Inspection (CAI), 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering curriculum. The Suite includes ALL Verisurf Software Modules with full functionality enabled. This insures students gain a complete and practical perspective on all facets of Quality Inspection, Reverse E...

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Connect Education with Job Opportunities

Reprinted from Manufacturing Engineering Magazine June 2016, pg 94-95 WORKFORCE PIPELINE | A MONTHLY FEATURE ABOUT TRAINING, EDUCATION & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENTConnect Education with Job Opportunities Today, two-thirds of manufacturing companies report a moderate to severe shortage of available, qualified workers, with as many as 5% of current jobs going unfilled due to a lack of capable candidates-this represents 600,000 jobs. One technical job area that has been contributing to the problem and opportunity is Dimensional Metrology, the science of length, size and dimension measurement in 2D and 3D realworld and digital space in order to compare, ana...

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