Verisurf University Solutions

Verisurf University is a turnkey education program for educators desiring to train the next generation of skilled manufacturing inspectors, tool builders and 3D modelers in today’s Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Energy, and Biomedical industries.

Verisurf Education Solutions expands and complements all CAD/CAM education programs by adding 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering functionality to 3D CAD and Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) to CAM.  Adding Verisurf Solutions to your current CAD/CAM education program brings your school one step closer to supplying the manufacturing industry with employees skilled for the Model Based Enterprise.

Verisurf is a proud partner of the Mastercam Education program, Haas Technical Educational program, Renishaw controls and probing systems, Workshops for Warriors and Cerritos College.

Verisurf University Solutions is composed of four major components including Software, Hardware, Curriculum and Training.

Verisurf University - Software

Verisurf Education Software is for students, educators and customers who desire to earn job ready manufacturing inspection, tool building and reverse engineering skills needed in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Energy, and Biomedical industries.

There are two types of Verisurf Education Software.  Verisurf Lab Licenses for classrooms and the free Verisurf Learning Edition (VLE) for independent study.  Both versions come complete with CAD, SOLIDS, MBD, VDI, MEASURE, AUTOMATE, BUILD, ANALYSIS and REVERSE modules.

Verisurf University - Hardware

Verisurf has evaluated and selected Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) specifically for classroom and shop floor safety, reliability, ruggedness, precision, portability and price.  To enhance the learning experience Verisurf Education Software includes complete 3D models of Verisurf Education Hardware for real time visualization and live animation of the CMM.

Verisurf University - Curriculum

Introductory Curriculum - The 40 hour introductory course curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of inspection, measurement, analysis, tool making, reverse engineering and automation. The emphasis is basic geometric inspection and profile measurement with analysis using CAD model-based definition.

Advanced Curriculum - The Advanced 40 hour course curriculum expands on applied knowledge increasing the scope of instruction to include analysis with multi-surface comparisons, color plots, graphical reporting, topographical color mapping, whisker and error mapping, best-fit surfaces, curves, holes, trim and scribe lines to 3D CAD models.  Reverse engineering to create meshes from cloud points in the form of an STL File for surface analysis, tooling or machining. Create smooth accurate CAD surfaces and automatically surface complex shapes.

Advanced Toolmaker - The Advanced Toolmaker 40 hour course curriculum combines powerful CAD tools, associative MBD, Model-Based Definition and real-time PCMM device control to facilitate guided positioning of tooling details, fixtures and assemblies. Tooling details can be positioned and checked faster than ever before. With abilities to assign unique tolerances to features in the model, including surfaces, curves and holes, then use real-time Verisurf Build routine to locate and indicate-in tooling parts into positional tolerance.

Verisurf University - Training

Verisurf Training is designed to teach students how to apply coordinate measurement machine hardware technology and Verisurf software to a wide variety of design, manufacturing and inspection applications. Verisurf offers both Live Instructor Led and Online Video Based Training.

Live Instructor Led Training - Verisurf Instructor Led Training classes are taught by experienced dimensional metrology experts skilled with the application of CMMs and Verisurf to a wide variety of 3D measurement problems including; inspection automation, tool building, 3D scanning and reverse engineering.  Verisurf Instructor Lead Training classes are customized to each customer’s application, parts, process and people and are held at the Verisurf Corporate Training Center or at a customer facility.  Additional training days can be added to teach advanced topics or assist in process implementation.

Online Training - Verisurf Online Training is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week anywhere there is an internet connection. Student registration is for either 12 week or 12 month periods and uses a professional Learning Management System for the course catalog, student enrollment, examination and certification. Courses are professionally recorded video and include real metrology devices. Courses can be taken with or without examination and certification.

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