Verisurf 2019 Software Introduced at Control Show

Enhanced CMM Programming, Productivity Features, Universal Compatibility

Get a PDF version of the "What's New in Verisurf 2019: Release Highlights" datasheet HERE

Stuttgart, Germany, May 3, 2019

Verisurf Software, Inc. announced today, at the Control Show, Exhibition Hall 3 – Booth3307, its new Verisurf 2019software.   Verisurf 2019 is the latest release of the popular measurement software for automated quality inspection and reporting, scanning and reverse engineering, tool building, and assembly guidance.  Enhancements in the new release focus on automated inspection and compatibility across the manufacturing enterprise, whether in the quality lab - or on the shop floor.

“Verisurf 2019 provides a common inspection and measurement platform for the manufacturing enterprise; it allows users to create a single inspection plan that can be implemented across all measuring devices, regardless of type or brand,” said Ernie Husted, President, and CEO of Verisurf.  "Verisurf2019 can be used to program and operate new and legacy CNC CMMs, and the same inspection routine can also be used with portable arms and trackers.  This universal compatibility provides increased productivity and continuity between first article and production inspection, as well as the flexibility to move between the quality lab and the shop floor,” added Husted.

Verisurf 2019 is available in German, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Spanish language versions. The software includes many added features and enhancements developed as a result of ongoing user feedback.  A few of the highlights include:

Feature Data Extraction
This powerful new function quickly and easily constructs measured features by extracting data from point clouds created using laser scanners or touch-probe devices. The software can identify, and extract feature data based on defined CADnominals or from previously measured features scanned or probed using Teach Mode, which is ideal when a CAD model is not available. 

Details Pane and Feature Balloons
These two new features make it possible to view real-time deviations of a measured feature compared to nominal.  The CAD model can be used as the nominal, or if no CAD model is available, nominal specifications can be manually entered using the Details Pane.

Power Mesh
This is the most exciting new reverse engineering feature of Verisurf 2019.  Power Mesh is a “one-click” tool to; create, clean up, refine, smooth and close new or existing mesh models from multiple overlapping point clouds, generated from measured scan data.

About Verisurf

Verisurf Software, Inc. is a measurement solutions company, committed to delivering advanced surface analysis, quality inspection, assembly guidance, and reverse engineering. Verisurf products and processes are vital to maintaining a digital thread between design, engineering, manufacturing, and finished part validation.  Based on a powerful CAD platform, Verisurf is committed to digital Model-Based Definition (DPD) (MBD), open standards, and interoperability with all coordinate measuring machines andCAD software. Verisurf solutions help manufacturers produce higher quality products in less time.  For more information about Verisurf2019, visit


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