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MACH 2022 Birmingham UK

Verisurf at MACH 2022

4-8 April, 2022
NEC Birmingham UK
Stand number 17-241 (Mastercam)

Metrology UK will be presenting Verisurf Software at MACH 2022 in the stand of our partners, Mastercam.


MACH is the longest-running manufacturing and engineering exhibition in the UK and its distinctive ability to showcase the largest variety of manufacturing technology solutions in the country makes it unique in the industry and therefore, of critical importance to the sector.

This year’s show will focus on the best of modern manufacturing technologies – the development of the digital factory, the emergence of the disruptive technologies behind additive manufacturing, new automation solutions and connected manufacturing processes, power by the hour and the cost efficiency solutions that will dramatically improve production processes and help shape the industry over the next decade.

Verisurf 3D Measurement Solutions Demonstrated per Your Expressed Needs

Metrology UK will have technical and commercial experts to both answer questions and to demonstrate modern solutions.  They will show you time savings, productivity improvement, enhanced process control, and learning/training that will have your operators up and running productively with tangible results much faster than you would expect.

Professionals will ask questions so they can embrace your challenges and propose solutions.  Areas of expertise with software, metrology equipment, consulting and training will be presented to fit your individual needs.  Technologies include, but are not limited to, CMM programming for both 3-axis & 5-axis CMMs, 3D scanning of all types, portable CMM arms and laser trackers, and a wide variety of 3D metrology systems.  We excel in enterprise tasks such as:

  • Quality control inspection
  • In-process inspection
  • First article inspection reporting (FAIR) ballooned drawing automation & integration
  • Model-based definition (MBD) and GD&T
  • Tool-building & computer-aided assembly
  • Automation to improve process control & productivity
  • Reverse engineering & digitizing for either as-built or design-intent purposes
  • Modeling for additive manufacturing including 3D printing, STL mesh optimizing, and decimating
  • Precision inspection of 3D printed parts checked against their STL meshes (even without surface and/or solid CAD models)

Ask our representative to show you how we can provide software automation for manually-operated devices that can complete tasks and are more versatile while maintaining all the process control of a motorized CMM-type machine.  You can also ask them about upgrading your motor-driven CMM from 3-axis to 5-axis probing for greater efficiencies.