2D Drawings and 3D Inspection Come Together at CONTROL 2016

2D Drawings and 3D Inspection Come Together at CONTROL 2016

Verisurf® and InspectionXpert® Demonstrate Integrated Solution

Stuttgart, Germany, April 21, 2016

Verisurf Software, Inc. and InspectionXpert Corporation will be presenting an integrated solution together with InspectionXpert’s European partner K2D-KeyToData GmbH, at CONTROL 2016, Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, Hall 1, Booth 1000. The integrated solution lets customers choose between using 2D drawings or 3D CAD models to effectively produce and implement automated 3D measurement plans and first article inspection reports.

The solution is made possible by the processing logic and flexibility of both Verisurf Software and InspectionXpert. Verisurf Software interfaces with and drives all coordinate measuring machines and 3D scanners, and includes Verisurf SOLIDS, a complete 3D solid modeling application, as well as productivity features designed to streamline data capture, analysis and reporting. InspectionXpert provides powerful data extraction, ballooning, and reporting tools for quickly capturing and interpreting dimensional information from 2D drawings.  

“With this integration, quality inspectors can now efficiently handle the common occurrence of inspection dimensions and notes that are only available in a 2D drawing, such as PDF or TIFF files,” explains Jeff Cope, President and CTO of InspectionXpert. “Now the inspector no longer needs to spend hours typing inspection information into Verisurf from a 2D drawing in order to program their measurement plan. It’s a huge time saver for quality departments.” 

The Process

  1. InspectionXpert quickly balloons the 2D drawing, creating the unique IDs for the Verisurf measurement plan, and the powerful OCR extracts inspection information from the drawing. 
  2. Inspection information is then published to Verisurf where the inspector can easily match the drawing dimension to the 3D model, create the measurement plan and begin the 3D inspection.
  3. When the 3D inspection is complete, the results can be exported from Verisurf in a variety of formats or imported back into InspectionXpert to create standard or custom inspection report formats for AS9102 and PPAP.
  4. The inspection plan is saved automating all subsequent production inspections in a highly repeatable process and can be published to inspection results databases such as Net-Inspect.

“This integration brings together and automates 2D and 3D inspection, reducing data entry errors and saving manufacturers significant time and money producing first article inspection reports,” said Ernie Husted, President and CEO of Verisurf. “The benefits really multiply in production because the inspection plans are already created and are highly repeatable.”