Labor Day 2019

  • Posted Sep 1, 2019

Freedom and fairness are the foundation of a strong labor force.  Happy Labor Day to all hard working people!

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Tech Tip: Dynamic Datum Reference Frames

When measuring any part, feature and profile measurements must be taken using the same reference coordinate frame so that results are consistent and repeatable. This is generally achieved through the specification and use of datums included in the GD&T callouts on a CAD model. Verisurf's powerful Dynamic Datum Reference Frame tool takes this concept a step further and makes it easy to globally adjust feature measurements to a new DRF without having to completely remeasure the part. Within the Verisurf Report Manager, operators can use existing feature data to create new datum reference frame alignments dynamically. Once the new DRF has been defined, all...

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Verisurf 2019 Rollouts

  • Posted Aug 1, 2019

Come see Verisurf 2019 at a rollout near you!This latest 2019 release introduces many new features and enhancements that improve quality insight and expedite measurement workflows. Here is just a small sample of the new tools that make Verisurf 2019 the best version yet!REAL-TIME FEATURE BALLOONS: View any desired parameter of a Feature Measurement in real-time as you measure. Use an existing CAD model for comparison with nominals or enter nominal information using the convenient Details Pane at the bottom of the graphics region. Customizable balloons are with a Pass/Fail indicator are displayed as you measure each feature. NEW DETAILS PANE: Display and control ...

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What's New in Verisurf 2019 Webinar On-Demand

Keep your Verisurf skills up to date with this in-depth technical presentation covering the latest improvements now available in Verisurf 2019. Whether you were unable to attend any of the recent "What's New in Verisurf 2019" live webinar sessions or simply want to review the information again, this is a great tool to keep your product knowledge current. Verisurf 2019 introduces extensive, new functionality you can put to work immediately to streamline your inspection, tool building, and reverse engineering work regardless of the types of measurement hardware you use.Go to the Verisurf 2019 web pageWatch the presentation HERE: ...

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New Feature Extract Capability Simplifies Offline Inspection

Learn more about the benefits of using Verisurf Feature Extraction HEREVerisurf's new Feature Extract functionality is a real time-saver for high-volume and/or offline inspections using scan data. This useful new tool allows you to quickly and easily run measurement plans from pre-measured pointclouds or meshes imported into Verisurf. Feature Extraction is particularly useful when working with data from laser scanners or pointclouds created while measuring with probing devices. It includes multiple settings for filtering noise and precise feature fitting. The Feature Extract settings also allow you to align and extract features individually or as a group using Run Of...

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