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    Introducing Verisurf 2018
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    Capable, Robust and Mature
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    Verisurf Solutions
    Built on today’s most powerful and robust CAD system.
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    Excel through manufacturing
    Advanced tools and capabilities for a wide range of applications from tool building to inspection.
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Verisurf Product Offerings

Verisurf works closely with our customers to define needs, identify solutions, implement technology and maintain systems that automate manufacturing. Our open system strategy maximizes CAD and metrology interoperability empowering our experts to help customers choose the best technology for their application and budget.

Verisurf software is modular so you can configure the right functionality for your application and budget. We invite you to review our products and contact us to see the power of Verisurf first hand or to help configure and quote the software modules for your application and budget.

Product Offerings